Yoga Pilates – The Explanation and Benefits


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On September 17, 2016
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Pilates is a set of 500 exercises or more which are inspired by ballet, yoga, and calisthenics. Yoga Pilates stretch and lengthen most of major muscles in a balanced condition. It will improve the strength, flexibility, body awareness, and balance. Pilates brings mind and body together. There are 3 major components such as meditation, breathing, and exercise. Both Pilates and yoga improve the strength of your posture and muscle. However, always consult to the experts before involving this fitness program, especially if you have medical problems. If it’s done wrongly, you will suffer from health problems. Also, let’s learn the history of this activity.

Yoga Pilates and Its History

Joseph Pilates
Joseph Pilates
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Joseph Pilates introduced this physical activity into America in 1920s. The purpose was to help any injured dancers and athletes safely come back to exercise and preserve their fitness. Since then, it has been applied to suit people in different community. Pilates can be both non-aerobic and aerobic exercise form. It takes both focus and concentration, because you will move your body precisely through different motion. Pilates stretch and lengthen all muscles in your body. It’s important to find a vital point to manage your body through motion. Each Yoga Pilates exercise has a fixed rhythm, placement, and breathing pattern.

Benefits of Yoga Pilates

In Yoga Pilates, your muscles won’t suffer from exhaustion, so there will be no straining or sweating. It’s just merely intense concentration. The exercise consists of different sequences that are done in small repetitions. The overall session will be 45-90 minutes. Some specialized equipments and mat work are utilized to perform this exercise. The method is taught to match people’s regular exercise. Therefore, it helps anyone from professional athletes to inflexible people with low level of fitness. There are many classes of Pilates which you can join locally. You also can conduct this kind of exercise at community centre.

What are the health benefits of Yoga Pilates?

You will gain improved flexibility, muscle strength improvement, balanced muscular strength, enhanced muscular control, spine stabilization, posture improvement, injury rehabilitation, enhanced concentration, relaxation, and many others. It can be said that yoga Pilates are suitable for everyone. This exercise is for anyone, from beginner to professional. You can conduct the exercises using your own weight, or with other equipments. A common exercise includes some stretches and movements. Each of them is done with proper abdominal muscle control and breathing techniques. You will get improvements to your postures after 20 sessions of training.

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Basically, Pilates is inspired by yoga. However, it’s different in 1 major aspect. Yoga is made up of static posture series, while Yoga Pilates is based on unstable postures and challenges. For example, you can imagine you’re lying on the back with bent knees. An exercise of Pilates may include straightening one leg and using the other one to raise and lower your body slowly. There are 2 basic forms of this exercise. They are mat-based Pilates and equipment-based Pilates. Basically, both of them include series of training using proper breathing and abdominal control. There are videotapes and books available as proper instructions to learn this type of training.

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