Yoga Journal to Keep the Track of Your Progress


Yoga indeed gives health benefits and increase the sense and soul awareness. Some of you may realize what you have reached for the period of learning yoga; however some others may have not realized. Have you ever heard of yoga journal? Many yogis, the terms for yoga practitioner, keep yoga journal to monitor their progress and achievement even failure during the practice.
Yoga journal is a kind of journal to record and monitor every single path, achievement, and even failure during yoga practice. Keeping yoga journal can help you reach the higher level in yoga because you have the record of the last achievement. Moreover, it also has mental health benefits. What is the relation of keeping a journal with mental health? So, here is the thing, whether you are happy for reaching wheel pose or you feel frustrated during the practice; you write down all the process. Somehow, keeping track of the progress makes you able to examine your practice from every part including the part that you lack.

Where to start Yoga Journal?

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This is a frequently asked question; where do I need to start? Well, all starts with finding a blank book of your favorite. You can choose books with colors or a plain white book or whatever you like to write down the progress. You can also find your favorite pen to write; the colorful pen or regular black ink pen.

Yoga Journal
Yoga Journal

To start writing, choose the proper time when your mind is in relax and clear state. The will to write should come on your own and do not let anybody tell you what to do. Forcing to write the journal will do nothing good.

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It is completely normal to feel stuck in the beginning; then you should think of the journal as your best friend. You can start to write about the yoga practice like what is the hard pose, how to challenge the difficulties, what you feel after practice, and many more. After succeeding in challenging the writing stuck, you can start to write in a more structured pattern. The most important point when writing yoga journal is be honest to yourself. This journal does not serve anybody; it is done for your good. You do not need to force anything and just let the learning process flow. In a certain moment when your mind goes blank or you completely have no idea to write; you can draw pose from your practice. To make the journal more attractive, you can attach sticker or doodles relating to yoga. It is better to have more doodles or sticker which tells the story than the actual words.

Keeping a yoga journal will help to deepen the practice more as you will understand your feeling. You can also challenge your difficulties during the practice and keep the good achievement. Feel free to write anything from the yoga practice or your favorite yogi. Once you start to write the journal, you have to make a commitment with yourself in which without strong commitment, you probably will stop writing. Thanks for reading 🙂

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