Shoes That Make You Taller For Men And Women



When you’re shorter than the rest of your acquaintances, the first thing that comes to your mind in order to compensate for the height difference is to wear shoes that make you look taller. Many women embrace this solution, and the shoe models available in stores allow them to cover a height difference of up to 5 or even 7 inches, through high heels or wedgies. As for men, they rely on elevator shoes, which allow them to compensate up to 4 inches.

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The risks of wearing shoes that make you taller

Due to their design, the elevator shoes present no considerable risks. However, things are completely different when it comes to the high heel shoes that most women turn to in order to mask their true height. They force their posture into an abnormal position, and they occasionally lead to stress fractures, knee pain, ankle sprains, bruising, and swelling. The extra strain on the toes can aggravate hammertoes and bunions, and the pressure of the footwear itself can lead to corns.

When choosing shoes that you wear on a daily basis, you need to put your comfort above anything else. Pain should not be the cost of your wish to look taller, especially when you can reach your goal through other methods, such as exercising.

Therefore, instead of risking the health of your feet, why not focus on the physical exercises that can actually help you to grow a few inches taller? The following exercises were determined to provide the best results in term of height growth:

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You have probably performed them before, since they are the most efficient warm-ups for any kind of exercise. I highly recommend that you stretch for at least 15 minutes daily.


These exercises can be performed by pretty much everyone. In the beginning, you may find them difficult but, eventually, you will learn to perform them correctly. It is quite easy: you just hang on to a bar, with your spine and arms stretching, for ten seconds a session, minimum ten sessions.


Swimming for at least 5 hours every week will definitely work wonders for your height. Breaststroke is widely known as the most effective swimming exercise to grow taller. It challenges the whole body, being more soliciting than any other type of training, due to the fact that it is performed only in water. Therefore, by using your body, arms and legs to the maximum, you will build muscle strength and extend your hands and feet, gaining a couple of inches in height.

You can rest assured that all of these exercises will pay the desired results, no matter how old or physically active you are. You don’t need to go take dangerous pills or risk your life in leg lengthening surgery, you just need a reliable guide to teach you everything you need to know about growing taller.

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