Posture Correcting Exercises To Help Get Tall


Fixing the problems with your posture can do a great deal in improving your height, and why is it not?

Since the spine made up 35% of your total height, and it is the only stretchable piece of bony structure left in an adult.

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You may constantly remind yourself consciously to stand or sit up straight, which is absolutely good, but it is proven all too difficult at times.

Therefore it is wiser if you choose to do exercises that can permanently improve your posture, and do them on a regular basis.

So, let’s start with the gaining a deeper understanding on the anatomical structure of a spine. If you are standing up, your spine would take shape of “s”, the spine connects the torso with the head and lower parts of the body.

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The aligning and straight nature of the spine supports the body weight and act as strong column where muscles fix onto, that is the reason why you can stand up straight.

So, this mean, whenever get into the habit of putting up a poor posture, a portion of your back is curved too much in one direction, hence distorts your supposedly good posture.

To give you an example of a bad posture, some people seem to have the habit of tilting their pelvis forward too much, consequently it slumps their body. When the body slumped in this manner, more unnecessary stresses are put on your back, this not only wears down the inter-vertebrae discs of the spine by cutting short their elastic property, but also decreases your height significantly. In fact, here is an interesting fact you need to know, people with poor posture are usually a couple inches shorter than their supposed height.

Regardless of which position you undertake during the day, be it lying, standing, walking, leaning or sitting, you need to apply a good posture. But applying a good posture is especially hard if your back, neck, and other related muscles are not strong enough, you will find that you cannot hold the posture for too long. However, if you take the initiative to strengthen the relevant muscles, you will naturally gain ability to resist the tendency to slack back into a bad posture hence it decreases the pressure on your spine, and you will definitely look taller.

This is the exact reason why we formulated a set of simple exercises for you to train your muscles to keep your spine straight.

1. Bowing Down

This is one simple height gain exercises and you can do at anytime and at anywhere. First, take a seat on a chair and then try to keep your back straight with your eyes looking forward. Make sure that your feet are stepping flat on the floor. Next lower your chin down to your chest slowly and before raising your head back to the starting position take 3 very deep breaths. Repeat this maneuver as you see fit.

2. “Ear to Shoulder”.

Like the previous one mentioned above, the purpose of this exercise is to improve your posture and strengthen your upper back muscles. However this exercise is design specially to target the muscles that run along and fixed to the sides of your upper spine and neck, these are the muscles that hold your neck and head in a place, obviously a great determining factor in the process of adapting a good posture hence increase your height. Like the “Bowing down to yourself” exercise, first you have to sit on a chair, with your spine erect straight up and feet step flat on the ground. Next, take a deep breath and as you breathe out the air, tilt your head toward the right shoulder. Then, take another deep breath and again, as you are exhaling the air, lower your chin towards your chest. Finally work on the left side, do the same thing, take deep breath, as you exhale tilt your head left toward your left shoulder. End this exercise by taking another deep breath and exhale as you lower your chin towards to your chest. Remember to keep all movements slow and steady. Repeat this set of movements for at least 3 times.

3. “Turkey Stretch”

The next exercise is known as “Turkey Stretch”, this exercise will literally make you feel the stretching and lengthening of back and neck spinal portion. Neck portion of the spine is an important factor not to be ignored in your effort to adapt a good posture, this particular exercise is therefore very useful tool for you to gain a few extra inches. Again, you should start by taking a seat on a chair and keep your spine straight up plus your feet flat on the ground. Now pretend that there is a string pulling your head upward, focus your vision by trying to stare at your nose, now take a deep breath in, and as you do so, put one of your hands on your chin. As you are beginning to exhale slowly, lightly push your chin down towards your neck until you feel that the back of your neck is being stretched up to the max. When you finish breathing out all the air in your lungs, then loosen up immediately. Optimally, you should repeat this set of exercise for at least 3 times.

So, those are the three postural exercises that can you can get started with immediately to improve your posture. But let us tell you that, getting taller is not the only benefit you will gain if you practice them long term, you can also prevent future back pain and generally stay healthy. In another article entitled grow taller exercises you can learn how to do exercises that target other parts of the spine, namely the middle and lower portions, do all of them in combination and start to see yourself gain inches upward.

One important thing that you need to remember here is that, in order to ensure that you really gain extra inches to your height, exercises alone are far too little, because there many things that you need to do in combination with exercises, for example, adapting a spine protecting sleep position at night, and changing to bone and muscles strengthening diets. In short you need a set of individualized, dynamic and well-rounded program to help you Increase Height.

This the reason why, we hereby recommend you an eBook where you can find a complete step by step guide on how to grow taller. In this eBook, you will learn in greater detail, and more types of exercises that can improve your posture. This eBook is indeed a well-rounded program you can find nowhere else.

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