Muscles Imbalances Can Cause Height Differences


Your body is no different than any other machine. If you don’t give it the things it needs to work, it will stop working properly. Although most of the time when you don’t care for your body properly, you see the effects of illness and disease, if you don’t take care for the structure of your body muscles and ligaments, you literally could lose inches from your height. Sound like an old wive’s tale? It isn’t.

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Muscles And Ligaments Imbalances

When your body is out of balance, meaning that your alignment is off, it will show in the way you walk, your gait, and your overall movements. You begin to compensate for the imbalance by creating more imbalance. For instance, if you have a right ankle injury, you limp. That limp causes your knee to be out of alignment, that causes your shoulder to be out of alignment, and so on. Everything is connected to everything else. When your imbalance is not resolved, you can have permanent changes that make can make one side of your body shorter than the other.

Muscles And Ligaments Imbalances
MusclesAnd Ligaments Imbalances

When one side of your body becomes shorter than the other, it is impossible for you to stand up tall. Your body will begin to compensate by leaning one way or the other, but never standing up tall. If that continues without correction, it can completely alter your height, making you shorter. By slouching, or leaning one way or the other, it can take inches off of your overall height, There are many who are diagnosed with one leg shorter than another when, in reality, it is just that one side of the body is shorter because of muscle tightness.

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When a muscle becomes tight, it shortens. A short, tight muscle, will pull on the bones and structure around it, compressing the entire area, and affecting every part of the body. Some orthopedics will prescribe orthopedic lifts for shoes to rectify the length differential of one side to another. Although good in theory, that only further exasperates the problem of imbalance. By perpetuating the shortness, you only further increase the tightness and make it worse.

If you want to make sure you are as tall as you can be, having a chiropractic exam is a good way of making sure that you are in balance, and your spine is in the right placement. By examining the spine, it can be determined, not only if your posture can be improved making you stand taller, it can also prove whether you have any differences in the length of your muscles, or your bones.

Correcting an imbalance in your muscles can literally help you to gain an inch or two. Once you are able to undue the imbalance, you can begin to work on regaining strength in the side of your body that is shortened. In doing so, you can even out the sides of your body, and begin to stand up tall. Chiropractic care can be a good step to increasing not only your health, but your overall height.

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