Making Sure Your Child Is Getting Enough Nutrition Can Help Them Grow Taller


It is not only an ad campaign for milk, the truth is that a healthy diet, filled with calcium, can actually make you taller. There is a reason why, over many centuries, the average height of people has continued to increase. With the abundance of food available, and the focus being turned onto childhood nutrition, there has been an overall increase in not only healthy kids, but taller kids as well. It has consistently been a trend of evolution that with each proceeding generation, the offspring is that much taller. That is a combination of genetic superiority, or survival of the fittest, and much improved nutrition for growing children.

Child Drinking Milk

If you are concerned that your child will have to suffer through the same insecure feelings you had when you were growing up, take heart, with your help and guidance, things for them can be much different. There are ways for you to, not only override genetics through supplementation and nutrition, but if they should still be slightly smaller than average, override their mental suffering through understanding and encouragement to make them more mentally taller to deal with the difference.

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Anyone who has a picky eater knows how frustrating it can be to get your child to eat the things that are good for them. No matter what anyone says, children will almost always pick the things that are sugary and fatty over those which are healthy and nutritious. The key is to find a way to balance between the two. It is not only about the amount of calories that you little one is taking in, it is about the type of nutrition that is contained within those calories. It is possible to have a child who is of perfect weight, or even overweight, and not have the proper nutrition to help them grow. To grow to the utmost limits that their genetics will allow, they need lots of protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals.

There are many great products on the market that will help you sneak those healthy essentials into your picky eaters meals. Many great tasting shakes, and supplements, are on the market that will give them the additional push start they need. The best thing to do is to not wait until you notice that they are lagging behind. By then you have already lost precious growth time. Start them on supplementation from very young, to maximize every growth stage potential that they have.

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Most importantly

You must begin to feel good about yourself and your own height. Children learn by example, and if you are not comfortable with your own height, make frequent degrading comments about yourself, or others of short stature, the negativity will begin to grab hold within your child. Accepting yourself for who you are is as important as accepting them for who they are. Being shorter has no relation to the tallness of your integrity, or your heart. Love yourself for what is inside and they will follow suit.

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