How to Grow Taller Naturally And Fast


Let me guess… you’re not completely satisfied with your height and are probably a bit self-conscious about it and want to learn how to grow taller fast. Well don’t worry, many people actually feel the same way and the good news is that there are certain things that can actually help you increase your height and grow taller naturally!

This article will discuss the various natural ways you can go about increasing your height, keep in mind that growing taller requires patience and times so make sure you take your time in implementing each of the tips in this article for at least 2-3 months.

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Why Choose a Natural Approach?

Well as you know by now, there are different approaches to increasing your height such as height increasing surgery, supplements and medication. The reasons I recommend you try to learn how to grow taller naturally is because all other means have certain side-effects that can be avoided with a holistic solution.

If you can increase your height by following a natural height increasing plan then why should you risk the side-effects and opt for surgery or even supplements? That’s why I recommend that you try and monitor your results by using all the natural tips in this guide, if you’re still not seeing results then you may be doing something wrong or at that point I’d recommend consulting a doctor or getting proper medication and supplements.

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How to Grow Taller Naturally By Playing Sports

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How To Grow Taller Play Basketball
How To Grow Taller Play Basketball

To grow taller naturally, your body needs to stay active and exercise. Whenever I say exercise, people tend to think about the gym and running on a treadmill day and night. Sure these are effective ways to go about getting enough exercise for your body to grow taller naturally but are they suitable for everyone? Probably not…

If you’re someone whose been thinking about joining a gym anyway or losing some pounds then definitely go with that option as you’ll be killing striking two birds with one stone. Not only will you lose weight but you’ll also see a more natural increase in height growth, especially if you’ve lived a sedentary lifestyle till now.

For teens, the best form of exercise is sports. By playing sports you’ll start to see a significant improvement in your height, even for adults. Try to pick a sport which requires a lot of physical activity and movement, such as basketball, football, tennis etc… Unlike working out in the gym, playing sports allows your body to incorporate a lot of compound movements and exercises into your play, thus allowing your body to grow through the most natural form of exercise.

Building Muscle & Keeping Form

I know a lot of women are going to frown upon this tip but trust me it helps. You need to build muscle so that your bones are well protected and can grow more naturally. Building muscle will allow for correct posture when you stand, walk and run, therefore portraying a taller person.

Ever notice that some people look smaller than they actually are, simply because their hunched forward or shoulders aren’t developed? Well that certainly is true. By building muscle and keeping the perfect form while performing your workouts, you’ll be able to fix these issues and look taller, and by fixing your posture you’ll also grow taller naturally since your skeleton structure is in the most natural posture to grow.

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Eating the Right Foods

Eat Healthy Foods For Grow Taller Naturally
Eat Healthy Foods For Grow Taller Naturally

There is a reason I named this subtitle as “the right foods” rather than simply writing down a diet plan, this is because, you don’t really need to diet to increase your height. When people diet, they tend to eat less and monitor the calories of everything they eat, this is in fact the opposite of what a healthy eating person should be doing.

Sure you can count calories and that will get you losing weight and eating properly but it’s not the most efficient way to live a healthy lifestyle. When I say eating the right foods, I mean you should focus on eating healthy foods. I’m no nutritionist but when I see a chocolate cake in the fridge I’m quite certain that doesn’t go under the category of “right foods” (this doesn’t stop me from eating that chocolate cake every now and then).

Use your common sense to eat foods which are high in nutrient value. Speaking of nutrient value, the most important nutrients for those wondering how to grow taller naturally are:

  1. Protein (Found in meat, poultry, sea food, legumes and nuts)
  2. Calcium (Found in milk, yoghurt and all dairy foods)
  3. Vitamin A (Found in fruits and vegetables)
  4. B Vitamins (Found in whole grain foods – bread, brown rice, pasta etc…)
  5. Vitamin D (Found in milk, yoghurt and all dairy foods)
  6. Vitamin E (Found in fruits and vegetables)
  7. Zinc (Found in meat, poultry, sea food, legumes and nuts)

These are some of the most important nutrients that will have a direct impact on you growing taller and studies show that teens that had deficiencies in 2-3 of these nutrients had not grown to their full growth potential. Most of these nutrients can easily be found in your breakfast cereals, milk (very important), vegetables, fruits and meats of all kind.

Get Enough Sleep Every Night

Good Sleep For Grow Taller Naturally :)
Good Sleep For Grow Taller Naturally :)

Sleep is one of the most crucial factors to growing taller naturally. Even if you’re implementing all the above tips but you’re not getting enough sleep, then it’ll all be for nothing. When you exercise and eat healthy then your body needs time to process your muscles and provide it with the nutrients you’ve eaten from your foods.

This process mainly occurs over night when your body is asleep. Your brain will recognize when you’re sleeping and it will activate this digestion and detoxification process. So that’s why sleep is crucial. Everyone sleeps but not everyone gets enough sleep. You should be sleeping at least 8 hours every night; any less will have negative effects to your body’s health and will ultimately stunt your growth potential.

These are some of the most effective tips and practical things you can do to see good results. I hope that by reading this article you now understand exactly how to grow taller naturally. So make sure that you implement these tips and incorporate them into your daily lifestyle, by doing so, you’ll definitely see results.

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