Height increasing insoles for men – Do it work?


Height increasing insoles are detachable inserts that help you appear taller instantly. These detachable inserts are available in different sizes and are used on both low top and high top shoes.

On the other hand, in order to enhance safety and ensure that you feel confident in them, the insoles are designed using high quality durable material. However this varies from one person to another mainly due to the frequency of use and also the weight of the user. Height boosting insoles are widely available in different types that can be conveniently used for any type of shoes.

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Benefits of height increasing insoles

Benefits of height increasing insoles
Benefits of height increasing insoles

Height increasing insoles are a quick and efficient way of growing taller. They are quite simple to use and comfortable. On the other hand, these shoe lifts help increase posture and you do not have to worry about shrinking back to your normal size once you start using them.

Height increasing insoles are adjustable. You can gradually increase your height over time. Unlike other alternatives of increasing your height, you can easily swap the insoles between different pairs of shoes.

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They are made of comfortable high performance material that makes them simple and soft pieces that fit right into your shoes. They are made of a wide variety of material including silicone and flexible foam. Therefore, you can choose the type of material that best fits your taste and personal needs.

Height increasing insoles are an effective means of boosting your confidence and making you feel great about your height and appearance. Height insoles increase your height instantly and therefore, you do not have to worry about eating nutritious foods, joining a gym or taking supplements in order to become taller.

How do the insoles work?

Height insoles are made of a slim upper that fits perfectly under the toes and a thick pad (one or two inches) that fits under the heels. This lift increases your height accordingly. Depending on your needs and preferences, you could combine the insole with a shoe that has a taller heel in order to become taller. This combination of heels and insoles is designed to make you feel very comfortable. However, you should give yourself a few days to become used to the height difference.

height increasing insoles
height increasing insoles

The biggest advantage of this method of increasing your height instantly is that it is very effective and quite simple. Most people prefer this method since the hidden lifts make them look taller naturally.

But do the insoles really work for men?

Despite the benefit of the insoles, as a man I know the real reason a man buys this insoles is TO FAKE HIS HEIGHT. Many reasons why a man are willing to do that. To gain confidence in front of crowd, to look brave and charming in front of woman he admires, and to avoid being treated like a kid because of height.

The problem is… while faking works, it is just a temporary solution. Faking is good on the short term but it can damage your reputation a lot if you got caught.

And what if a woman fall in love with you and later she find out you are wearing insoles. That’s a big disgrace. The woman will think so low on you. To her, wearing insoles means you don’t have enough self confidence which is a turn off to most woman.

If you really desperate to grow taller and your real intention is just to gain another 2 or 3 inches permanently from your current height, that can be solved if you have the determination and discipline. You should try this program and after 6 weeks you will notice huge difference on your height. Unlike other program out there which only works for teenagers before puberty, the methods outline in the program can be practiced by all ages.

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