Growth Hormones For Children, Are They Safe And Do They Work?


Research into what makes people grow, and what stunts growth, is just in its infancy. As scientists begin to understand what makes people grow, and why some people fail to, there are new treatments and procedures that are on the horizon. Although they are still in the initial stages of experimentation, there are some which are showing promise, while others are showing either detriment, or no effectiveness at all. Taking medication never comes without side effects, so weighing the pros and cons, is always an important consideration before putting anything into your body, specially a child’s body.

The pituitary gland is responsible for growth for the human body. It is responsible for the release of hormones that makes a person grow taller. If there is a lack of growth hormone in the body, for whatever reason, the person will not reach their maximum height potential. Each of us are born with a height potential. Largely determined by our genetics, there are hormones, which are, in normal individuals, in abundance. The pituitary gland is responsible to release hormones into the blood stream, and therefore, is an important factor in how tall we will grow.

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HGH for ChildrenThere are certain conditions which can complicate the growth process in children. A condition known as hypopituitarism, or growth hormone deficiency, can result from either illness or disease. Occurring even before birth, it is possible to develop it in utero. There are other illnesses, and diseases such as diabetes, kidney failure, a host of syndromes, diabetes, or tumors, that can cause the pituitary to not function properly. In certain circumstances such as these, the cost of administering growth hormones may be over-weighted by the benefit. By taking man made hormones, there has been a significant increase in growth for children with a predisposing condition that causes the deficiency.

The best way to determine whether the use of man made growth hormones will be effective, and worth the risk, is by doing a bone age growth scan. An x-ray of the hand can give the clinician an insight into whether there is still potential growth possible. By measuring the space between the bones, an endocrinologist can, taking into consideration the overall medical history of the patient, determine whether growth hormones will aid in the growth process.

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For certain conditions, there is no benefit to taking growth hormones. For instance, if your child has been diagnosed with either a growth syndrome, such as dwarfism, or they have passed a point in growth development, hormones will no longer make a difference. For children who have growth syndromes, their bodies will be limited by their genetic makeup.

Having a child who is not reaching their full potential is a very stressful thing for parents. We all want the best for our children, and when we can help aid in them reaching their maximum, we should. Not everyone is destined to be tall, nor is it always safe to subject a child to unnatural hormones. Before taking the chance of potential side effects, make sure that you understand the risk, versus benefit ratio, \of giving hormones to your child, and make the best decision possible for them.

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